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Charles Cody Wilds - Vocalist (2012 - Present)

Founding Member and vocalist since 2012, Wilds has experimented with different vocal styles over the years and has been on every RR track since day one. Taking on both vocal parts and writing all lyrics since 2014, Wilds has matured as a vocalist as seen in the bands one off cover of Linkin Parks - In The End, They tracked in 2017 after legendary vocalist Chester Bennington passed away. Wilds was eerily compared to sounding like Chester in the cover, and we are excited to see how he incorporates that into the new RR album

  • Wilds is 27 years old.
  • Born in Huntington, West Virginia
  • Resides in Ironton, Ohio
  • Has a Siberian Husky Named Aspen
  • Owns Dark Altar Entertainment

    Follow him on Social Media here:
    Instagram  &  Twitter

Jared Webb - Bassist (2012-Present)

Founding member and bassist since 2012,  Webb brings alot to the table as a musician, known for his bass sweeps as seen in the bands song Clocksweeper and known for his chunky basslines,  Webb is the lead writer of the bands music. he also helps the live show with backing vocals. He plays a Schecter Hellraiser Diamond Series Bass and is backed by his Ampeg SVT Pro 4 / Ampeg 8x10 rig.

  • Webb Is 26 years old
  • Resides In Decatur, Ohio
  • Drinks more craft beers than he should
  • Worships Jeep Wranglers

    Follow him on Social Media here:
    Instagram & Twitter

Maverick Taylor Lewis - Guitar/Vocals (2018-Present)

Josh Bailey - Lead Guitar (2018 - Present)

Jose Couvertier - Drums (2018 - Present)